DSL out after it rains

From reading other posts, it appears that this is not just me. Everytime it rains/storms, my DSL goes out. When I call tech support, they make me go through all these tests: reset modem, speed test, etc. Then they try to tell me it's my computer. 

I'm so fustrated - does anyone know what the real deal is? Is it something that can be fixed or do you just have to wait it out? I have a ticket in and a network specialist is supposed to call me within 24-48 hours. Any experience on the best way to correct the problem? Does a tech need to come out and check the lines? 

I'm at a loss of what to do and am tired of going throught the same process over the phone and it never works to correct the issue.

Re: DSL out after it rains
Contributor - Level 2

Yes, you need to have a tech come out.  When the DSL goes out, does your phone get staticy?  If so, call and complain about noise on the line.  Don't mention anything about DSL problems, if they come out to clean up the line the DSL problems will go away.