DSL service in Northern NJ

Anyone else in the Cliffside Park area of NJ lose their internet access on Saturday the 19th and the service is still down?  I love the automated message saying "Verizon customers currently in the <insert your town's name here> are experiencing problems accessing the internet.  Our engineers are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible."

Like we all haven't heard that with our town's name in there.  Getting live support just pushes you to Mumbai and when you ask for level 2 or 3 tech support they always tell you someone will call back shortly, but they NEVER do.

Interesting.  Somebody get me the cable company on the phone.  They might want some new business.

Re: DSL service in Northern NJ
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I am very sorry you are having service issues. If you want to PM me your contact information. I can see what is going on and try to get your service back up, or at the very least give you a more realistic ETA for the restoration of your services.


Peter C