Daily intermittent outages FIOS internet
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Hi All - need help. Verizon tech support seems to have no clue.

I have a Router and Coax-connected extender. ONT was replaced by Verizon over a month ago - didn't help.

TV seems to slow down/stutter/pixelate, but rarely fully disrupted. Voice does not seem to be affected. Internet drops on wireless and wired devices for 20-60 seconds before going back to normal. A single device that's wired to the router doesn't seem to be affected. 

One day I powered down the extender for the whole day, which seems to have kept all wireless connectivity to the router stable.  I've disconnected everything that was wired to the extender on another day - this didn't not improve stability. 

I have powered off and rebooted all components in various combinations over the past month. I have also done a factory reset on the extender.

Below is what I think is a relevant section of the log.

2023 Jun 27 14:20:14 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] ACSD wl0 INIT
2023 Jun 27 14:20:14 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] 24G channel bandwidth 40 MHz.
2023 Jun 27 14:20:13 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] ACSD wl0 do scan AP list
2023 Jun 27 14:20:13 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] ACSD wl0: Final selected chanspec: 0x1803
2023 Jun 27 14:20:10 arc_cloud notice [CLOUD.5][ADV] Internet is back!
2023 Jun 27 14:20:10 arc_cloud info [CLOUD.6][ADV] ping WAN & cloud test link .. OK
2023 Jun 27 14:19:55 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] action:[CMD_WLSSK_MODIFY] index:[6]
2023 Jun 27 14:19:46 arc_cloud info [CLOUD.6][ADV] ping WAN OK, then check cloud test link.
2023 Jun 27 14:19:44 arc_tr69 info [TR69.6][ADV] Tr69 Ready: 1
2023 Jun 27 14:19:39 arc_tr69 info [TR69.6][ADV] Tr69 Ready: 0, NTP = [1], CheckCRURL = [0]
2023 Jun 27 14:19:16 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] action:[CMD_PERFORM_WMM]
2023 Jun 27 14:19:16 arc_cloud warning [CLOUD.4][ADV] ping WAN failed, try again.
2023 Jun 27 14:19:16 arc_cloud notice [CLOUD.5][ADV] We Re-check Internet!
2023 Jun 27 14:19:16 arc_cloud err [CLOUD.3][ADV] curl_easy_perform() failed:(6) Error.
2023 Jun 27 14:19:15 hostapd info [WIFI.6][ADV]Connection Event: BSS=wl0, ACTION=Connectivity, SA=3c:bd:c5:c3:d2:0f, DA=5e:3c:a4:1d:e7:6e, STA is disconnected
2023 Jun 27 14:19:15 wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] action:[CMD_WLSSK_MODIFY] index:[6]
2023 Jun 27 14:19:12 hostapd info [WIFI.6][ADV]Connection Event: BSS=wl0, ACTION=EAPoL Handshake, SA=3c:bd:c5:c3:d2:0f,
DA=5e:3c:a4:1d:e7:6e, Pairwise key handshake completed (RSN)
2023 Jun 27 14:19:12 arc_wifi info [WIFI.6][ADV] SON-[2.4GHz]STA(5E:3C:A4:1D:E7:6E) connected

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I use a Netgear Orbi mesh network to get wireless throughout my house. It's not cheap, but I have yet to have issues with losing wireless anywhere around my house. I don't have any wireless running on the router itself.
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My situation seems different - I lose all wireless AND wired. All disappear at the same time, and all come back at the same time 20-60 seconds later. So, I'm not sure adding a different wireless solution would help.