Day 3 with total service outage
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Going on 3 days with no service. At what point can I cancel my contract?  The first 24 hours they did nothing because “so many people have to call in before it’s an outage” even though they could tell a line was cut at a pole. I even told them I drove by the pole and could see their box and wires dangling. Now they keep doing the “it’ll be fixed by 7am” and at 7am “it’ll be fixed by 11pm”. When I call, the guy tells me it takes time to splice the fiber optic wires. 3 days???  At what point do you just run new cable?  

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Do you have phone service with FiOS? If so, Verizon will prioritize those repairs over Internet or TV outages just due to regulations that are present with phone service. 

If your neighbors with FiOS are also out or are seeing issues, make sure they have called in the service issue. Verizon is supposed to come out next day to look at the issue if anyone has phone service issues.


The phone priority is not valid with VoIP only with copper connections.

in NY fiber optics are not yet regulated as it should be.

if in NY and on copper, Verizon faces fines which are very high for each day phone service is out. This may also be the case in other states. That is why they trip over themselves to get the phone lines repaired. However even in NY Verizon is trying very hard to get customers off copper and onto Fios Phone if possible.