Diagnosing FIOS connectivity issues

I woke to a surprise this morning, my FIOS internet was down.  I logged onto the router and rebooted it with no change of status.  I got my mobile WiFi hot spot and chatted with Verizon support who had me restart the ONT.  The result of that was to lose connectivity entirely.  We opened a ticket with a tech visit scheduled for tomorrow.  Fortunately this turned out to be a wider problem and was corrected a few hours ago and the ticket was closed.

Obviously with the connection down there was no way for support to access my router directly.  Was there information I could have retrieved from it, perhaps in the logs, that would have pinpointed the problem?  Could I have accessed the ONT from my side, prior to restarting it which lost the connection, to retrieve any status information that would have pinpointed the problem?  Was there something the support agent missed that could have confirmed this as a network problem and avoided the need to open a service ticket?


Re: Diagnosing FIOS connectivity issues
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You can't access ont. One option is to check status lights. A network outage could show upon as an error light.

as we are customers like you, we can't say what data service reps have access to.