Disconnected Fios and Charged Full Month for 2 Days
I disconnected my service on April 23, 2021 only to discover 1 month later I have a Verizon bill of 72.79. When I called CS I was told by Marie and her manager Amanda that my billing cycle ended on the 21st and they don't pro-rate so I'm charged the full month. I was not aware of this nor was it mentioned at time of cancelling. Regardless, I find this to be extremely misleading, especially when the confirmation email states, You may receive a bill prior to your final bill after your disconnect date with charges for service up to the disconnect date. This is normal and will include applicable credits and charges.”
The bill was paid automatically, so I thought I would get a credit on my final bill, which obviously didn’t happen. I am thinking of filling FCC and BBB complaints, if this doesn’t get resolved. 
Re: Disconnected Fios and Charged Full Month for 2 Days

Unfortunately this is correct information. Verizon no longer prorates.

You must cancel service by your end closing date. It better to do it a few days before that date.

Just settle the invoice since its not worth the hassle to get your credit ruined for something that is listed in the Terms of service. (Just google for it, there it can be found)

On certain occasions they may waive the amount, but it is very rare.