Disputing Charges

I recently moved to a location that does not offer Verizon FIOS services. 

I spoke to a representative while cancelling the service, and was informed that b/c my new locaiton does not offer FIOS service I would not be charged a cancellation fee. 

Low and behold, a cancellation fee has appeared on my account. I am not surprised given how poor the customer service experience has been thusfar. I should get rid of all of my Verizon services. 

I have tried countless times to call someone at Verizon to dispute the charge, but their customer service line is an absolute joke. 

Where do I go to dispute this charge? 

Re: Disputing Charges
Community Leader
Community Leader

Couple of things:

1) This is mainly a peer to peer support forum

2) Unfortunately, you were given bad info. Per the TOS, you are assessed a ETF if you cancel contract before it is up even if you move out of FIOS area. If memery serves, it only lists things like military deployment as a way to avoid ETF.

From what I understand, this is pretty standard among most if not all cable providers.