Does Anyone Know when Brooklyn, NY Will Be Fully Covered?

Hey, guys. New person on the forum here (don't hurt me too much).

So, I'm really tired with having Cablevision and Dish Network in my house. I really, really, REALLY want FiOS in my area because my aunt down in Long Island is getting it and it looks amazing. FiOS would save my family and I a lot of money (college just sucks up every resource) and it would provide us better service than what I have now. I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

1. As far as I know, Georgetown, Mill Basin/Flatlands, Canarsie, and Bergen Beach have FiOS. Knowing the Mill Basin area, they didn't even have DSL available! Why is it that my area that is pretty much blanketed with DSL users doesn't have FiOS just yet?

2. I'm located in East Flatbush/Wingate, so I fall under two community boards: 9 and 14. I'm looking up permits and there are "MAJOR INSTALLATIONS - TELEPHONE (PROTECTED)" They are somewhat close to me, but kind of far. What are the chances these are FiOS installations?

3. In my area, I see some "alpha" boxes, which I see all over Mill Basin and their FiOS lines. I also see some thick cords in a horseshoe loop with box like or circular attachments that are similar to what I see in Mill Basin and in Long Island. Only thing I don't see are the thick grey cords held up by loops. What are the chances those are FiOS "prepared" lines or anything close to that?

4. My phone lines run in the backyard (row houses are an inconvenience, I know) and my cable lines run in the front. Would Verizon even be able to put fiber optics in my house because of the placement of the cables and the fact I live in a row house?

5. Is there a timeline or anything that indicates when FiOS would be at my part of Brooklyn? I know by 2014, everywhere should be covered. But It kind or sucks knowing that I live say 5-10 blocks away from FiOS available places and I'm stuck with Cablevision and Dish Network.

6. Will FiOS TV be available right away? I remember that my friend has it available in Stuyvesant Town in the city and both internet and television were available for him to order.

I hope you can help me out here! Thanks in advance! 

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By 2014