Don't require Auto-Pay for Internet Only customers

This is the most ridiculous "rule" I have heard of. Having been a loyal Verizon customer for almost 3 years, I find that it is crazy that we are "required" to sign up for auto-pay for our internet only service. We just downgraded our residential package to exclude TV and home phone in order to save money. We have kept our cell phone service active and wanted to continue to have the FIOS internet. After having paid from $270 - $300 per month for the past three years, I was floored to find out that not only did we have to sign a contract to get the "reduced" monthly FIOS internet fee but we ALSO had to sign up for Auto Debit. We were told that we could call back in 6 months to cancel the auto pay... HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???

Having been burned by Verizon wireless 15 years ago, I swore that I would never use their services again. Here I am now wishing that there was another providor who could offer similar internet services to my home. I would switch in a heartbeat over this! I abhore autopay!

Re: Don't require Auto-Pay for Internet Only customers

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