Don’t see home awareness button or tile
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I have the requisite white router (G3100 with 3.1 software (actually and extender (E3200). I got an email from Verizon to activate Home Awareness (and have a variety of IOT devices it can use).

However, I don’t see the Home Awareness button on MyFiosapp (underneath my Networks and above Parental Controls) or the Home Awareness Tile on under my Internet settings on my Account and tghere’s nothing in the Router Administration (my Fios or

I have spent hours on the phone and chat bouncing back and forth between VZ Customer Service, Tech Support, Assurion, and online Chat (which is useless).  No one seems to know how to get the customer service system to enable the button or tile so I can activate Home awareness.

Has anyone had this problem and solved it? How?

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