Download Speeds poor in my area for the last few days

I live in the Baltimore area and my download speeds have been under 2MBps since last thursday.  I've been testing them out regularly at as I've been timing out from the normal internet applications I use.  My upload speeds are still testing at 20MBps + but the download speeds haven't reached 2MBps and are often under 1MBps.  I tried calling the support number, and they said there wasn't any local issue.  I've tried all of the standard nonsense of turning everything off, rebooting, running anti-virus spyware but to no avail.  I'm pretty sure there is a local issue and they just didn't have the expertise or desire to look in to it.

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My speed test from Montgomery County, MD to Comcast in Baltimore. Do you have another PC you could use to run a second test? Are you running this test over wireless? If so, try a hardwired connection and report back. If running on wireless, you may wish to log into your router and try a different wireless channel.

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Im having the same problem in Northern VA.  Download speeds according to Verizons speed test are less than 1mb/s, upload speeds are 25mb/s.  When I do ping tests to, 28%-40% of my pings time out (25 count).  This effects my remote connection into work and makes playing any online games impossible.  No issues are reported in my area as of now but I've been having this problem off and on for the last month.