Dramatic drop off in speed when connected to a dedicated IP in the UK

I'm in Los Angeles. I have a 200 Mbps FIOS internet service. When I tested it using the test from speedtest.net, which connects to a Montery Park CA server as the nearest server, I see that my download speeds are 180, 190 Mpbs.. which is close to 200 so that's fine.

I also have a dedicated IP address in the UK.  Connecting to that I get really lousy speeds. speedtest.net when connected to a London server shows speeds of 1, 3, 5 Mbps - that's a pretty dramatic slow down in my view and I want to improve on that. 

Looking at the traceroute output shows why. When connected to my dedicated IP in the UK, my total Traceroute time is 1271 ms. Connected to the local Monterey Park server its only 300 ms !

Here's the traceroute outputs

================ UK dedicated IP

traceroute 83.XXX.XXX.xx
traceroute to83.XXX.XXX.xx (83.XXX.XXX.xx), 64 hops max
1 15.785ms 14.952ms 15.922ms
{edited for privacy} 14.972ms 19.955ms 48.053ms
3 25.907ms 23.999ms 25.930ms
4 17.965ms 16.035ms 16.912ms
5 16.993ms 16.912ms 40.962ms
6 25.000ms 22.914ms 23.978ms
7 35.954ms 34.955ms 35.944ms
8 42.955ms 42.962ms 45.020ms
9 59.927ms 59.953ms 59.052ms
10 73.895ms 72.997ms 73.924ms
11 84.035ms 85.898ms 84.970ms
12 95.959ms 90.009ms 89.949ms
13 162.947ms 164.004ms 162.871ms
14 163.944ms 162.997ms 163.941ms
15 151.981ms 158.896ms 151.977ms
16 83.XXX.XXX.xx 159.949ms 153.945ms 153.988ms

===================== END

=============== COnnected to Monterey Park CA speedtest server===

traceroute spt01mtpkca.mtpk.ca.charter.com
traceroute to spt01mtpkca.mtpk.ca.charter.com (, 64 hops max
1 21.812ms 16.421ms 15.778ms
2 {edited for privacy} 16.974ms 17.487ms 23.937ms
3 28.411ms 22.341ms 25.003ms
4 16.819ms 16.879ms 18.254ms
5 24.556ms 23.844ms 22.783ms
6 23.878ms 23.949ms 22.900ms
7 23.903ms 28.664ms 22.896ms
8 24.954ms 24.756ms 26.882ms
9 29.756ms 31.819ms 31.973ms
10 25.946ms 39.970ms 25.880ms
11 25.925ms 25.957ms 26.000ms
12 81.782ms 35.083ms 26.856ms
13 26.913ms !X * 26.743ms !X


Any FIOS or other network experts with ideas ? 

Re: Dramatic drop off in speed when connected to a dedicated IP in the UK
Community Leader
Community Leader

Verizon, like any other ISP, has no control of Internet speed once it leaves their network.

It is possible that one of the providers along the way is having an issue and therefore slowing down the link.

BTW, you should probably blot out the first few IPs in each traceroute.

You are shoing the public IP address of your router.