Dropped VOIP calls using G3100 router

I am experiencing dropped calls from my NEC DT800 phone, which is connected directly by ethernet cable to a LAN port on my G3100 router. 
I believe that SIP ALG can not be turned off in this router.  Is this still correct ?

Has anyone found a solution to this problem.  Is there a work-around ?

Thank you.

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Re: Dropped VOIP calls using G3100 router
Community Leader
Community Leader

That's correct. SIP ALG was never made into the specifications of either G1100 or G3100.

However, a new router on the horizon, namely the CR1000A, may have SIP ALG option given it comes from a 5G router vendor, and routers on the 5G side contain this feature for many years.

You may need to wait a few months before the new router is generally available.