Dropping Wireless Connection
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I am not sure what is happening but seems recently that every time the home phone rings I drop the wireless connection on my laptop.  It usually comes right back up but not always.

Anyone else experiencing similar condition?

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Do you have a wireless phone on your line?

You may need to log into the router and manually change the wireless channel.

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No need to worry on this issue, there are many solutions to resolve your current situation. If your interference is coming from a 2.4GHz phone, the sure fire solution is to change to a 900MHz or 5GHz phone or switch the WLAN to 802.11a. Both methods will eliminate the interference. These solutions are the most effective, but also the most expensive.

The other solutions are as follows:

1. With 802.11b systems, try changing the channel on the access point

2. With 802.11a systems, change to any one of the channels that are not in use by the cordless phone.

3. Change the location of the access point or the cordless phone base. Maximize the distance between the cordless phones and WLAN devices, especially WLAN users operating at the fringes of access point range.

4. If you have the option, use an external, remote antenna on your computer . This will let you place the antenna as far away as possible from a cordless phone.

There are no guarantees that these actions will work, but they may cut the interference enough to allow acceptable performance.. The most attractive aspect of these solutions, however, is the fact that they are free.

Hope this helps.