E3200: Dual Hardwire Connections: Update
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Community Leader

An update to an earlier topic that I had opened.

Summary: After the latest firmware update delivered by Verizon to G3100s & E3200s, if you had an extender connected to the router by BOTH coaxial and ethernet cables, the extender would not be able to maintain a steady connection. Disconnecting one of the two feeds resolved the issue.

Well, after a little snooping, I reconnected the coaxial cable to the rear of my bedroom extender and was surprised to see that everything was fully functional again.

Today, I tried to reconnect the coaxial cable to one of the other two extenders, but that caused the erratic behavior. 

I set out to determine why one extender can work with dual connections, but others can't. I noticed that my new rental extender is Hardware Version 1103. The older ones are Hardware Version 1102. So, with all other things being equal, if an extender is HW 1103, dual cable connections can still be done. If an extender is HW 1102, it's still an either/or situation.