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This started about on March 24, just a few days ago. The internet would be fast for a few hours then later it would be really slow. My current plan is 20 MB download and 5 MB upload. However, I did a few tests on Verizon's speed test, Speedtest.net, and pingtest.net and noticed a very poor connection. I get only about 0.8 MB down. Sometimes the internet will be normal and internet will be quick as usual, but then other times it is extremely slow. Is there a problem with Verizon or is this my problem? My router is working fine and nothing like this happened before. It started a few days ago (the day I ordered an extra set top box for a basement TV). Could that be a problem? Please help. Thanks in advance. Could some wires be loose? What can I do?

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I have a similar performance problem 20/5 drops to 6/.7.  However I'm finding the Actiontec router is very unstable and in some cases not all it's responsbile for the performance slowdown.  When performance degrades, I log into the router and reboot it.  Then take another measurement from speedtest.net.  I'm finding about 60% of the time my performance returns to 20/5 after rebooting the router.

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Yeah I've tried rebooting many times and resetting the router as well, but still more of the same as before. The werid thing is that the router would be 20/5 sometimes for a few hours and then randomly become terrible again. Right now its around 5/5 wireless. Wired LAN is about 8/5. I usually get 18/5 with wired. Where is the other 10MB? I've logged on to to access my router and discovered that there are 5 computers connected to my router. Three which are my tenants who live upstairs and two which me and my parents use. Could the slowdown be caused by the numerous amount of computers connected to the router? Or can the router handle all of the computers? I'm probably going to call tech support soon, but I just want to know if I can fix it myself first.

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  I am having the same issue with performance -  slows way down after 2 hours of use. A couple reboots seems to fix the issue.  This started around the end of May.   I also had upgraded a desktop box but not sure that is an issue since I have the ethernet port active for my network rather than the standard setup.  I also think the issue is a slowly dieing modem.

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Replying to the post above about the amount of computers on the router, the ActionTec/Westell units Verizon provides are more than capable of handing 5 PCs.

As for everyone here, are these slow downs you all are seeing associated with the time of the day? If you have TV or Phone service, do either one of the services deteriorate when you are seeing issues? I also assume you are all testing from an Ethernet-connected PC, correct?

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Sorry to hear your history.

I've Trying to cancel my service with them "Hence i'm not in a contract " and they've been giving me the runs around.

I really got fed up with the quality of services they have.

I have verizon Fios Cable and internet.     Well i have the equiptment install in the house, i had Time Warner cable before which ins't any better, their prices are reidicously hight but at least their service was stable to a point. 

With verizon is being constant nightmare.  A tv that never, ever seems to be watched clearly always pixelated,  and internet which it supposed to be 50 megabit instead is running at less than 2 megabit.   This is what i call rip off.     

I got the internet because i telecomute a lot, so i don't have to be going to the office in the nighttime, but this ridicoulus service if it can be called service.  Have me making countless travel at 12:00 am to the office to maintain system that could've easily done remotely.      

I call every single night to complain about the same problem.  And it got to the point that when somebody human answer after 30-40 minute of been witing on the phone.  And try to run me through the ineffective troubleshooting i have to yell at the poor representative.    And let them know that it isn't my computer or any of the computer I can attacht,  Is not the coaxial cable either.   is not the splitter either it had been replaced 30 times already by their technician.   I had ask them specifically to sent somebody Capable of checkign or replacing the ONT=  Optic Network Terminal.   And they keep sending disgrumpted technicians.     Last 2 night i had call to just be able to cancel my services if they are not going to supply them.