Earlier this year, their was an option to buy Network Adapters, they are gone now

As the subject says, there used to be a Network adapter option which had MoCA connection and provided ethernet ports. 

I understand the Network extender is the same thing with wifi but its inconvenient as it needs to stand upright.  The network adapter was small compact and easy to hide.

What happened to the accessories section in the FiOS webpage which allowed you to buy these accessories outside of having a plan?  I bought a Network Extender two years ago through Verizon FiOS webpage accessories page and now it appears to be non-existent.  Can anyone guide me to where the accessories page is now?  I see a "Smart Accessories page" but that is just a bunch of overprice "smart" junk.

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You can find most of what you seek on amazon or eBay or other computer sites.

you don’t need to use Verizon store high priced junk. But the cheaper priced junk from the sites above. 

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Did you try calling them? The FNA is pretty good since it also has 4 ethernet ports. Verizon was charging $55 for it. Like the previous poster said there are other options on line. So if you don't need the extra ethernet ports Motorola has the MM1000 on Amazon for $60.