Early activation on pre-existing internet service

My boyfriend had Verizon Wireless set up at our apartment for awhile and cancelled his service for our apartment yesterday due to switching ownership of the internet bill. I signed up new service at the same location but we still had to set up a technician install date next week. He has an abundance of homework to do online and I'm hoping there is a way to get our service installed sooner. He bought me a brand new Fios Quantum Gateway and he's actually going to school for IT so he can set up this router without a technician. We need service now! Please help!

Re: Early activation on pre-existing internet service
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This is a peer to peer support forum.

You will need to contact customer support 1800Verizon of twitter @verizonsupport.

You stated contract with Verizon wireless? They are a cell provider.

Fios is the residential Internet provider.

If you have never had FIOS before, schedule is probably set as new hardware will have to be installed and that takes time to coordinate.

And depending on how your apartment is conencted, there may be additional work required to bring up your apartment.