Eero network dropping
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I have a Fios internet connection running into the ONT in my basement. I then have a Fios wifi router sharing a wifi connection to another Fios wifi router repeating that wifi network to a higher floor in my house. I use that second Fios wifi router to connect an EERO Pro 6E wifi mesh network throughout the house and have many many devices running off that EERO mesh network (TVs, computers, Home automation, mobile devices, speakers etc). The Eero network is now continually and repeatedly dropping and reconnecting.

I do not have the Fios wifi router in bridge mode as I need the second Fios router to amplify the signal from the basement. I have run the basement Fios wifi router in bridge mode and then had my gateway EERO attached to it, but most of our streaming devices are on the top floor and I end up getting really slow speeds without theFios repeater router upstairs.

Please help !

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