Email sent to users not being received
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Email that I send from my Comcast account ( using Outlook 2010) never gets received by users.  If I send using my work account (same Outlook 2010 client) then they get it.  Also, if I send to multiple people, everyone but accounts receive it (gmail, hotmail, etc.).

I would say it is just me but it happens to my wife as well from her account.  Actually, hers was affected first and now my email is having problems. 

I had a friend who uses Verizon troubleshoot with a Verizon agent and it looked like the mail was coming into the server and then it either got deleted automatically or moved to a spam folder.  The e-mail never made it to a spam folder on the email client.  Unfortunately, it never got resolved.  I know other Verizon users that are having problems with getting email from Comcast users.

Am I missing something here?  It's only been happening for that past month or so.  Seems like Verizon changed something on their servers to block spam or something.  Any guesses??



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The verizon email users will need to go into the web mail and make sure that their email settings are not set to "delete incomming spam". If it is, those people will never even know you sent them an email. it needs to be set to "save spam in spam folder". now the spam still will not download to their email client but they will be able to go into the verizon web page and go to the spam folder. Then mark your emails as "not spam" and that should allow future emails to download to their email client.

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Ugh.  Thanks for the response. 

I can understand that this might fix it for each individual user but I can't believe what I now have to do.  If I send an e-mail out to a bunch of people, I am going to have to either call or use my work e-mail to tell them know that they have to set up their spam folder as I am going to send them a message from Comcast, which they will have to then go into their spam folder and mark me as safe.  This is insane!  I have had my email address for over 10 years and now, because Verizon has flipped a switch on something, myself, my wife and who knows who else, has to touch base with each Verizon user that they need to send e-mail to in order to ensure they receive the message.

If someone from Verizon reads this, can you please respond??  Is there a way, on a global/server basis, to mark specific e-mail addresses as safe so that each user doesn't have to deal with this??  It's frustrating enough for me but at least I can ask people to respond when they get my e-mail.  If I don't get a response then I can contact them another way.  But if I was a Verizon user (and I am counting my blessings at the moment) then how would I even know that I am not receiving e-mail that I was once receiving???

I don't want to sound like I am blowing this out of proportion, but every Verizon user that I have as a part of scouts or school or sports, does not get my e-mails.  Sheesh!