Ethernet Backhaul with 3200 wifi extender - mismatched backhaul bitrate indications
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I have FIOS with a 3100 router connected to a 3200 wifi extender via a point2point ethernet cable on port#1 of both devices. On the management interface, via (Router —> Network Settings —> Port Configuration) it indicates “Full Duplex 1,000 Mbps”. However, if I go into (System —> System Status) it indicates Backhaul Type: “Ethernet”, Bit Rate: “100 Mbps”.  So which is it? Seems like a bug, and I’d love to know which is the accurate speed indication for the link between these devices. 

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Same with the extender and the Cr1000 router. The extender also thinks it's 1969, but the logs show the correct year.