Existing customer trying to renew and being ripped off

I've been a Verizon FIOS customer for over 10 years now and my contract has just expired. I went  to try to upgrade my services with a 2 year contract and the price they quoted me for the same existing services is $20 dollars more? What the heck? The same 1gb and preferred tv package was offered to me at $150 as a renewal vs a $95 for a new customer. After calling the retention center I was offered a price of $115. Still $20 dollars MORE.  I was suggested to use another member in the family to change the account and get new customer discount. But does this sound reasonable ??? Why ship equipment back and forth, send someone and do more paperwork. Why is an existing customer less than a new one. Verizon does not have any concept of customer service.  Aside from long waits and lots of wasted time on the phone, I could not understand any of their representatives. Please use American support centers. 

I will contact MA state attorney for this huge rip off. Not to mention all the other additional charges they come up with.  Comcast is my next call. I tried looking for an executive support number without luck. They retention number is a joke.

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You most likely will experience a similar issue with Comcast come renewal time. Most service providers offer new customers a better deal than existing ones.