Extender not working properly
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Let me start by saying that I am completely technologically challenged.

I currently have Fios gigabit service.

I have a CR1000 router and a E3200 extender. Router is in the garage (front of the house, ground floor) … extender is one floor higher all the way in the back of the house. If I was to guess distance in a straight line I would say 40-50 ft apart. Of course we are going thru floors, walls and the kitchen (not sure if that makes a difference) to get from router to extender.

The extender is connected via coax. There is a white circle light that I think is supposed to be white but it is constantly turning from white to a yellow/greenish color. 

I have nest security cameras that are usually conectes to the extender and they keep disconnecting and after a few minutes reconnect.

What could be causing the extender light to go from white to yellow ?

Extender is connected via coax … is there a way to test the coax cable to make sure that the cable is on inside the wall ?

Thanks for your help 

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Hi. I have a similar but not exact same problem. Just about the same setup.  Router in first floor rear of house. Extender connected by coaxial cable on second floor front of house.  The led light on the extender stays solid white.  I see it on the Fios app and also when I log k to the admin website.  Computers that I have connected by Ethernet wire into the ports of the extender are cine ted to the network and get near gigabyte speed.  The problem is according to the app and the administrator website no devices are connected wirelessly to the E3200 extender. Not even ones sitting right next to the extender or in the same room.  None of the devices on the second floor or any floor connect to the extender.  Only devices that connect to it are connected to it by Ethernet wires. I have reset the CR1000 router a few times. It does not resolve the issue.  Sometimes my desktop computer will show as not being connected to the internet even though it’s plugged in.  It usually takes a few tries of typing a few websites in for it to connect. If I don’t use the computer for a few hours it might be disconnected again.  I think the E3200 is faulty but who knows because my Fios TV hasn’t worked correctly either since the day it was installed not even a month ago.  Many tech visits to my house later and some replaced equipment and  it’s still not working properly.  I really wish they could solve the problem. I’m at the end of my rope. I’m about to give up and go back to my old provider.   I do t think the extender problem has anything to do with the Fios TV problem as the extender wasn’t installed until a few days after the router and Fios TV were installed.  I had Fios YV problems immediately upon original install. 

Did you ever solve your issue?  If so what was done?