Extender setup, connected but not working correctly?

Recently I had taken posession of the Verizon Network Extender of which i do not believe is doing its job, or doing it correctly.

Case in point. Ring floodlight cam.  Originally 35 f from my FIOS router and was showing an RSSI of 38.

WIth the extender about 10-15 ft from the floodlight cam, its now showing the RSSI as being 72. Still using 2.4ghz.

I had originally enabled the SON (Self organizing network)setting, but after 2.4ghz absorbed the 5g I disabled it so i could let my devices choose the band. Either enabled or not, the Ring cam RSSI was still about 70.  Could it be a password issue with the extender not having adopted the original routers settings?

Not much if any instructions or trouble shooting tips come with the extender.

Thanks in advance.

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Community Leader

The extenders should automatically pair with the router and adapt the SSID/password from the router. If it doesn’t there will be a separate SSID like Home-XXXXX. 

They might also be on the same 2.4  GHz channel. You can download a wifi analyzer app on your phone to verify.