Extending WiFi network
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I have existing Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway.... it's down in basement which is not ideal.

With more and more need for WiFi connected devices the signal strength is just not good enough...... so looking to add and extender.

I live in a 5 bed SFH with basement,  1st and 2nd Floors.

Looks like the Fios Network Extender WCB6200Q is compatible with me existing router.

Interested in thoughts of others with this extender - is it meeting needs especially with things like Amazon Fire TV sticks?

Can I extend from existing router with Cat5 Ethernet which I have existing.

Do you have option to use same or different SSID?

Those using single SSID do you have issues moving floor to floor and device not moving to best signal?

Will just adding one extender be enough or will I be better to add one on 1st and another on the 2nd?

Thanks for any feedback.


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The WCB6200Q extenders are pretty good and will help your wifi coverage. 
It will work fine with your Firesticks as will any extender as long as the signal is good. 
They can be wired with ethernet or coax. 
If you are using a Verizon router then it will clone the SSID/WPA2. If you are using a non-Verizon router you can configure the SSID to whatever you want. 
Moving floor to floor will depend on the device. I find for example, a Galaxy with move faster than an iPhone. If you toggle your wifi off then back on your device should grab the strongest signal. 
As far as adding one or two and the best location. That will vary from one house to the next. If you have an Android smart phone you can download a wifi analyzer app. Otherwise just try to place them as central as possible.