Extending Wifi in my home
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My son got an Xbox 360 and it is too far from the Verizon router to connect to Wifi.  I am trying to find out what options I have to extend the Wifi signal to that part of the house?

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These two options are your best options. 
a moca bridge you can buy online, the model numbers are hme2200 or ECB2200 from actiontec.
OR you can even buy a gaming wireless adapter, and I bought one for like 50 bucks.   The problem with wireless is that it's unstable, and he may complain a lot if it takes a dive or goes south.  the moca bridges are very stable and plug and play. 
Because they are plug and play they are a little more expensive. 
if you want to save money you can buy another actiontec off of Ebay for like 20 dollars and then the only problem with that is that you have to configure it.   There is a walk through for that in the first link.   if you aren't too tech savvy then you'll want something plug and play, and will want to invest into a HME 2200 or ECB 2200, or a wireless gaming adapter
Re: Extending Wifi in my home
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Your options are wide and abundant. Depends on how much you want to spend Smiley Wink

Your best option for an Xbox is not to do wireless at all. Gaming really benefits from a wired connection and if it is all possible to run a wire from the router to the Xbox, that is the option you really want to go with. As long as it is feasible

If you must go wireless, some of the things you can try are

You can try a "boost antenna". Most good computer store carry external antennas that will boost your signal. this is usually good if you only need a slight increase in signal strength.

Another option is what is called Ethernet over Power. This is a device that you can buy at the computer store. It comes with two boxes. One you plug into next to the xbox and connect them with an ethernet cord. then you take the other plug it in next to the router and connect it to the router. Then you have connection via the electrical in your house.  Here is an example. there are cheaper ones out there, its just the first example I came accross.

Or you can purchase a high powered WAP (Wireless Access Point) and add it to the Verizon router. Somthing like this. Of course there are many other options, just another of the first examples I found.

There are still other options but these tend to be the best.

EDIT: Other options like the ones Hubrisnxs beat me to.  LOL

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          I would like to share this information with you, Probably you may say this is a bunch of crap, but is only basic information

that we need to know before to take the next step.

How to Increase a WiFi Signal

The first step of increasing a WiFi signal is to move the laptop computer or mobile device closer to the source of the network that is being accessed. If you have control over the router of the network, you can increase your wireless signal by placing it on a high area such as a counter or desk rather than have it sitting on the floor.

You can also increase your signal by pointing the router’s antenna in a certain direction or placing the router itself in a more central location. If you do not have control over the router, You can still increase your wireless signal by using one of the following methods.

Update Wireless Adapter
Another method of increasing a WiFi signal is by bypassing the laptop’s internal WiFi adapter and replacing it with a more powerful external adapter. This makes a big difference because the built-in network adapter that comes with most laptops or wifi devices are not usually made for long-distance use. That means that even if the router is capable of broadcasting signals to a certain distance, the wireless adapter may not be powerful enough to receive those signals. There are, however, a wide variety of other wireless adapters that are available and are specifically made to provide to you with a long range.

Wireless Range Extender
Sometimes, even with a proper wireless adapter, the router may still not be strong enough to broadcast signals as far as you would like. To increase your range and connect to the network anyway, you can place a wireless range extender halfway between the router and the computer. Wireless range extenders are able to intercept the wireless signal and re-broadcast it so that the network is essentially doubled in size. Wireless range extenders do not have to be physically connected to the access point in any way and should start working as soon as you plug it into a power supply.

Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter
The Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter is the most sophisticated wireless-G adapter on the market and is able to increase your network range by up to 300%. The Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter connects into the computer’s USB port and is able to transfer data at 108 mbps. As the device uses a dish antenna, the Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter uses directional broadcasting rather than omni-directional broadcasting. While this limits your range to a specific area, it means that you can be further away from the access point.

Hawking HAI15SC Hi-Gain Wireless Corner Antenna
The Hawking HAI15SC Hi-Gain Wireless Corner Antenna can be plugged into your router and serve as a strong replacement to your normal wireless access point. Once the device is installed, all you have to do is point the antennas in the directions that you need strong wireless Internet service. The device is extremely powerful and broadcasts a signal strong enough to cover every inch of your home, office, or conference hall.

Let me know what happened

Good Luck!