FBI recommends Separate Network (VLAN) for IoT which Vz doesn't support

Just last week, the Portland, OR office of the FBI recommended, "Your fridge and your laptop should not be on the same network. Keep your most private, sensitive data on a separate system from your other IoT devices." https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/portland/news/press-releases/tech-tuesday-internet-of-t...

I use FIOS for TV and internet connectivity. The G1100 router/MOCA box Vz supplies doesn't support VLANs. The rest of my environment is managed with a Ubiquiti switch and six UBNT access points and and UBNT CloudKey controller. I'd like to use a UBNT router, and maintain video on demand (VOD) and DVR playback to a local iPad/iPhone/Chromebook along with setting up DVR recording when remote as requirements.

I know that there are published posts here, at DSL Reports and on the Ubiquiti Community website on how to set up FIOS and UBNT hardware to accomplish my goal. All clealy (and appropriately state) Verizon will not support the configuration described here.

Now that the FBI is recommending use of a separate network are we all supposed to switch to business class service or can Verizon be induced to support appropriate separation of an IoT network?

Does Vz monitor this forum? Can anyone suggest how to bring this FBI recommendation to Verizon's notice?

Regards to all in the community./Steve

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Verizon does not monitor this forum.  Moderators keep an eye out for customer support issues and may escalate to a Verizon agent.  If you want to reach Verizon support, you should contact them via Twitter (@VerizonSupport), https://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzdirect, chat or phone.

Network security is a constantly changing field.  IoT complicates it even more.  Typical consumers have no idea how to manage network security; just look at the passwords some use for their WiFi!  ISPs like Verizon have the un-enviable problem of needing to provide idiot proof networking solutions while providing a reasonable level of security.  And they have to do this within the cost constraints established by their management.  Personally, I don’t think we’ll see much change in this area until a significant event puts a dollar sign on the issue.

Verizon’s G1100 and G3100 offer a guest WiFi network isolated from the main network.  This could be a reasonable work-around if the devices do not need any local network access.