FIOS 1 gig speed slow only at night

East coast 1 gig FIOS client for several years.


Starting about 2 weeks ago my usually perfect 850 up/down service has degraded to 10-15 up/down on a wired connection into Eero using Verizon's speedtest and eero's onboard speedtest plugged directly into the ONT


No change to my network setup or usage or devices which has been for a few years ONT via Cat6 into Eero.


Verizon opened a ticket and their monitoring claims that "we are congesting the network" in the home.

Several neighbors w/ FIOS have complained of same issue at night. So truck is now rolling to see. Of course, the truck will roll in day time when speeds are perfect.


So two questions: 1) how do they know my network is "congested" at night - are they just looking at bandwidth up/down? I think Verizon doesnt throttle or do they?


Nothing has changed - have 1 apple TV, 1 PC watching youtube and a couple of nest cams. That's no different than anytime in last 2 years.

Verizon insistent that i plug my Quantum gateway back in - which I will do before the truck rolls


2) Do they have to roll a truck if the issue is that the 32 fibers into my neighborhood are saturated? Seems that is likely the issue but what do I know.


Any other advice welcome.

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