FIOS Bundles, what plan did we really get?

Hi all.

I hope some of you may help me. I would like to subscribe to the FIOS Internet. I saw on HTTPS://WWW22.VERIZON.COM/Residential/FiOSInternet/Plans/Plans.htm that I can have Fast (15/5Mbps for $54.99 )or Faster (25/25Mbps for $69.99) FIOS internet.

I then decided to test a double play bundle (FIOS TV is not yet available in my area) FIOS + phone.

I can have a $75 bundle including a 10/2Mbps for $69.99 (!) + phone for 50$ + rebates... That's the 10/2 for price of the 25/25 if I'm correct

So I decided to order only a 25/25, but during the checkout the 25/25 transformed to a 15/5 plan. Same thing for the 15/5 becoming a 10/2 plan.

I'm confused and lost, so what do really get, and for what price? I suppose that the website is not updated explaining all theses differences, and I won't proceed to check out in these conditions, to be sure of what I will have for the next two years!

Hope someone could tell me what he has in a double play "good" bundle.

Thanks in advance

Re: FIOS Bundles, what plan did we really get?
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To be completely honest, if the website if giving your doubts I would call into the sales office.  Depending on your area, there are different deals available to you.  If you call into the sales department you will be routed to a local sales office and they will be able to tell you for certain what deal(s) you're eligible for.  Feel free to PM if you need more info.