FIOS G3100 Router blocking internet on DHCP WiFi Clients
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I "upgraded" several months ago to the FISO G3100 router. Over the last month, I have noticed several devices losing their ability to connect to the internet through the G3100 router. The devices will connect to the router via WiFi, but be unable to connect to the internet. Sometimes restarting the router will resolve this problem. However, sometimes this does not work. The only permanent solution I have found thus far is to hard code IP addresses into the affected devices. This seems to primarily impact non-Windows based devices such as Amazon Alexa, Nintendo Switch, and IOS devices. It is clearly a bug related to the implementation of DHCP on this router. I search the Verizon and other forums and noted multiple other customers have complained about these issues which tells me it is a known issue. Please either replace the device with one that works or tell me what the solution is, It is ridiculous to "upgrade" to a more expensive device on the recommendation of Verizon and get grappy service as a result.

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Q1 Just wondering is this is what is going on G3100 DHCP server problems 


Q2 While we get that you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

Please note for this next question even if you have another one that is not use, you must say so. For example: Yes, but it is a spare.

Q3 Do you have a separate router?

Please note for this next question: One of the NICs must be a wired NIC and it should not be a portable type of computer (ex: a laptop).

Q4 Do you have spare computer that works that either has two NICs or you could add a second NIC?