FIOS G3100 says password incorrect but it's not

I have teh G3100, this is my second one as the first had a different issue, I've had this one maybe 4 months.  Last night around 9pm it suddenly booted off all the devices connected to it via wifi. when they tried to connect back it said incorrect password.  The password was correct, I rebooted and factory reset a number of times.  I use the default password so there was no changing of passwords when I factory reset.     Spent over 1.5 hours on the phone w/ offshore agents trying to get it fixed.  Finally spoke to someone in NY around 10:45 this morning.  at some point during the call all my devices suddenly reconnected to the wifi.  

Has anyone else had this happen? have you been able to determine a root cause?  No one I've spoken with has been able to figure out what happened or why and I'm concerned it will happen again.  

Re: FIOS G3100 says password incorrect but it's not
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