FIOS Gigabit “Setup” charge

I just recently upgraded to Fios gigabit (I’ve been a fios customer since Dec 2015 and wireless customer since 2008) and I was charged a $100 fee for nothing. The technician came out to the house, looked at my equipment and  didn’t have to replace any hardware. All he did was ensure I was getting the correct speed which I am still not getting anything above my 100/100 I was upgrading from. The tech was talking with the Verizon people in the back end and said I should be good within 30 minutes of him leaving. Over 24 hrs later I am still getting the same speed. I called Verizon today and they said they would look into this issue and call back by 6pm Eastern. I have not heard back from them and it’s just about 7pm. I should not have to pay a setup fee if there was nothing to setup and I am still not getting what I paid for.

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I did not get this setup fee. However when I upgraded it took 72 hours to have Verizon provision for the higher gigabyte speeds. 

You must use turn off your router (totally unplug it for about 5-10 minutes) then plug it back in.

hook a ethernet cable in one of the lan ports and another into your computer, laptop or tablet and test the speed here

The test is not on WiFi you should see 940/880 up to speeds per Fios.

if not call Verizon and have them troubleshoot.