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Hello all, back in October I ordered the Gigablast package from Verizon. While at the store, the employee informed me that a technician would need to come out and install a SECOND line to my house to help support the connection speed. The technician came out and did not install any new lines, he just ran a single ethernet cable from the Verizon box to the interior of the house via drilling a hole in the exterior wall and plugged that line into the router. After installation my speeds (on wired devices) hover around 50 Mbps. No where near the 1000 Mbps that is advertised. (And yes I mean mega BITS per second, not mega BYTES per second. I am aware that the Giga blast offers only one gigabit, which is about one eighth of a Gigabyte.) I looked for a contact email to no avail, only found a number to call. Does anyone have any tips that could help improve overall speeds? Or is it possible that since a second line was never ran to the house, which I did pay for and never received, could that be the cause of my sluggish speeds? Thank you in advance for all replies. 

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At the store the person who told you a second line to the house was wrong. Only one fiber is needed. Sometimes people have an older ONT and that also needs to be upgraded. Ethernet needs to be ran because the ONT is only rated for 100 mbps on coaxial cable. Like the previous posted said it is possible you are not provisioned correctly and need to call Verizon. 

Also what sites are you using to test? Are you also testing with different hardwires devices? Many savers on speed test sites are not able to test a gig. Try changing the server versus using the one automatically selected.


Fios gigabyte speeds are up to 940/880 on wired connection from router to their servers.

If you had upgraded to gigabyte speed you may not have been provisioned properly.

normally you unplug the router and wait a few minutes and plug it back in.

do the same with any devices you have used with the router in the past.

for the record I never heard of gigablast service.

if not provisioned correctly call 1-800-VERIZON and have them check the speed.