FIOS & Landline Phone Service outages in Zip 75061?
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Hi all

I was curious if anyone else had experienced an outage in my area within the last several hours.  I'm in Zip 75061 and had an outage early this morning.  I'm not sure if the outage was widespread but I noticed it when I tried to access my 'net access on the PC. 

I had the 'net green LED lit on my Router but no 'net communication available.  My landline phone was also not working (no dialtone).

I was able to Ping the Router and the internal TCP/IP loopback ok but not any outside IP (ie, google, etc).

I called the 800 Verizon phone # and the automated service checked my 'net connection and said "I have a problem.  Routing you to a technician."

While on hold for the technician, my 'net and phone service returned to normal.

I have the bundle service, landline phone and 75/35 FIOS, located in the Dallas metro area.