FIOS Range & Router Location

I had the new FIOS installed in the basement where the old box was from the previous homeowner. The router was attached nearby in the basement as it has to be wired to that box- makes sense.

I would like for a greater signal upstairs, however. I could set up a mesh network, but my house really isn't big enough to warrant that. I was hoping there was a way to have the router upstairs where there are only coax options, or if I would have to literally wire something up to have some ethernet ports upstairs to connect it.

Can the new FIOS routers use coax or is it ethernet only to the main box?

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As stated, you have several options if 100M or below.

If Internet is currently delivered over coax (ie you don't have thernet from wan port of router to ONT), you can put router anywhere you want as long as you have coax connectivity back to ONT.

If you currently have Internet over ethernet or you don't want to move rotuer you have a couple of other options.

You can use a MOCA adapter that will give you ethernet anywhere you have coax that connects to FIOS router.

You can also use a wifi adapter that is similar to moca adapter except it provides wifi coverage vs ethernet.


You can use coaxial up to 100/100 speeds. However Verizon has been switching customers to ethernet to handle the new higher speeds.

you could try a network extender instead of a mesh system. Cheaper and Verizon sells one that costs about $100 with ease of setup.