FIOS Repair Time

Has anyone ever had a scheduled repair happen sooner? Our FIOS went out today (Saturday), and the earliest repair appointment is Tuesday afternoon.  My college students need internet in order to complete their college classes.

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Community Leader

You can try contacting them through @VerizonSupport on Twitter or .  These channels often give better support then the phone people.

Know that Verizon techs currently are not entering homes due to COVID-19.  If they inside work is required to resolve the problem, your outage may last a long time.  Verizon's policies and procedures around COVID-19 are changing frequently, so you're experience may be different then recent reports.

Another option is to post details of the outage here.  While you're talking primarily to other users here, we might be able to help diagnose the issue and determine if a tech visit is really needed.  If you'd like to do that, please post he following:

  • A description of the problem
  • The state of the status lights on the ONT
  • The model of the ONT
  • The speed you've subscribed to
  • If you have TV service
  • What kind of router you have and any relevant info from the router.

Pictures of the ONT and it's lights are very helpful.

If you must have internet before this is fixed, you've several options.

  • Use cellular data
  • See if your local cable company can turn on service quickly
  • If you live close enough to a neighbor to pick up their WiFi, consider asking them if you can share their service.
  • Determine if you have friend or family who has Internet and whose home you're willing to visit during COVID-19 conditions.

Good luck!


During this virus time I would just hope they make it by a Tuesday.

with verizon techs not entering homes etc. they may not show up at all. If it can be fixed from the outside or from the company side then it should be repaired.

sooner? I would not count on it.