FIOS Setup - Technician not needed

Verizon proposes to charge $99 to send a tech to my house to setup FIOS.

This isn't actually needed.  I am starting service, but the ONT is already here and already known to work.  They can just turn it on remotely, the same way they turned it off remotely when the previous account was closed.

What gives?  It is a waste of technician time and my time and a pointless fee that probably barely covers their costs.

I guess if it comes to it, I'll make sure to act stupid so it takes the tech a good long time to confirm the thing is already working.

Re: FIOS Setup - Technician not needed
Community Leader
Community Leader

Is the ONT a newer GPON ONT? Do you also have Ethernet running between it in the router? The Verizon installation fee is to get Ethernet installed to the ONT, and to replace the ONT if it is an older BPON model.