FIOS Slow Downs At Night

Last night wifi 5/5 and Sunday afternoon 50/50. So, yeah, I am right there with you. Last night I couldn’t even stream the Sweet 16 basketball game on YouTubeTV using my Roku without it freezing up. And hardwiring is ridiculous. That’s not the age I live in. Ugh. So, I’m going to try moving the whole da$& router downstairs in hope I get something to brag about. 

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My computers are hard wired to the router via CAT-6 Ethernet cables.

So this is not a wireless network issue.

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Have you tried running speedtest via a wired connection to

Both when you have good performance and poor?

That will test your connection to the Verizon network.
Can also run speedtest via router.
If there is not change there, tts possible that you are getting some sort of interference.

If you have an android device, install an app call wifi analyzer.

It can help you diagnose WiFi issues.