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We have FIOS with a copper line. The phone was down and we got pretty good repair - 3 days. In the process I decided to check the Internet speed, using the test on the Verizon site. It came up 2/0. Zero seemed slow to me, so I called and got an agent. Over perhaps 30 minutes she was unable to tell me whether 2/0 was normal. I had already rebooted the router, but she seemed to be going from a script and told me how to run the test (which I had done 2) and how to reboot (which I had done). Finally she gave me over to another agent. Both agents had thick, Indian/Pakistani/Bangledeshi accents, but the guy was unintelligible. At the end, I decided this was part of Verizon's strategy, to frustrate customers. Anyway, he told me to do a factory reset. He also did not tell me whether 2/0 was normal. So I did that and as a result got 2/0 AND had to reset all my internet extenders and my printer. My techie nephew told me that 2/0 is normal for a copper wire. 

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What speed do you pay for currently, per your bill? 2-3Mbps down and 0.** Mbps up sounds like you're on a DSL package. FiOS speeds are faster than that and come over Fiber instead of copper in almost every case.


You don’t have fios over a copper line. You have High Speed Internet (DSL-Digital Subscriber Line) when you called in you called after regular business hours.

call between 8 am till 5 pm EDT and get an american agent.

and 2/0 is not high speed anything. Contact your Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission in your area since verizon does not want to repair copper lines.

they are trying to force customers onto fiber optics which is FIOS.