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It has been asked before, but I am asking for the first time. When will FIOS and/or High Speed Internet be available in Michigan - outside of Detroit. I am soooo tired of having to deal with Comcast/Xfinity's **bleep**. I'm retired but still strong like bull, so if you need some help pulling fiber, I have some experience and offer my services for free !!!!

Help us are our only hope !!!!

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I am sorry but Fios is currently only available in Mid-Atlantic area. It is very hard to build-out to other states, not because of lacking technicians to pull the fiber, but the cost to maintain reliable operation. Fios (wireline) only generates less than 30% of revenue, and this figure is decreasing every year.

If you really want to help Verizon expand Fios, maybe consider become a Fios wholesale partner. This of course, requires you to have service provider equipment and lots of budget and customers.

Outside of Detroit, MI, 5G Home Internet maybe your hope. As a rule of thumb, 5G Home and Fios coverage are mutually exclusive, meaning anywhere that has 5G Home Internet won't be connected with Fios.

5G Home Internet theoretically delivers over 1Gbps, faster than the fastest Fios Residential subscription. Of course, Fios offers 10Gbps for enterprise customers.

Re: FIOS in Michigan

Fios is still being rolled out even though they were not doing so for many years.

it all comes down to MONEY and how much they can make for the investment on build outs.

verizon acquired MCI communications when it went under because they laid fiber optics across most of America. But of course it bleed money and remember this was just on phone services and not internet.

verizon will install Fios in areas with many potential customers and places that have high concentrations of cable services like Comcast or AT&T etc. but it has to be worth their investment. And they don’t need volunteers to install it, for the most part if it’s worth the time and profit stream you will see it.

verizon use to have a web site to check on availability