FIOS sent me a new Router and a GIFT
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A few days ago FIOS sent me this email, which I thought was spam and didnt really take seriously since I have not had any account changes or recent support issues.


"We’re upgrading your router at no cost to you.

Your current Fios® Internet service requires an upgraded router, so we’re sending you a new router at no cost. Your new router will provide you with the full power of your current speed through a wired connection, while improving your Wi-Fi performance. ...


In addition, we’re in the process of issuing a credit to your account for the months where your internet speed was not fully supported. This will be reflected in 1-2 billing cycles."


UPS delivered a  MI424WR Rev l router, a power supply and a womans leather western belt (size S/M), definitely not my size or style or gender.

I called FIOS to ask whats up with this package, they had no clue about the belt, and after looking at my account I was told the order was generated online. I replied - online by who ? you ? your boss ? a hacker ?

I then asked is this for the upgraded speeds, after several minutes on hold, I was told it was for my current plan only of 150mb/150mb


I had a feeling I was getting charged for this and requested the price and was told I should see the charge on my next bill. At this time I told them to take it back, I didnt order it, dont need it, dont want it. The rep just said to mail it back and I am why do I have to take time out of my day to call FIOS (47 minute phone call) to track down why this was shipped to me, and now have to find a new box, and take it to UPS so I dont get hit with all types of charges.

I dont know why this happened, I suspect they are trying to sell/rent routers but they should not be sending them out with the customers approval. At this point I dont know if this thing was free (email) or I am getting charged for it as the rep told me.

BTW - anyone need a new leather belt ? 

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@dslr595148 wrote:

Perhaps this


Yeah I noticed Branch posted the thread. But he did not say they were giving out belts.

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Something is definitely strange here.

I've had Verizon upgrade my speed in the past because I was previously on a very old speed tier that was no longer offered. What speed tier were you at before the upgrade? If you were 75 Mbps or below it wouldn't be too strange that you were auto upgraded, it happened to me. But I was not charged for it.

What is extremely weird is the router you got in the mail. The Aciontec routers are no longer given out, especially not for upgrades from what I'm aware of. All new routers from Verizon are typically G1100 models. The random belt in the package makes this even more strange. Was there a return address on the package? My best guess would be that the 3rd party Verizon used for its logistics messed something up along the way.

Just as a precaution I'd change your account password. I'm almost certain this would be a system glitch, but wouldn't hurt to be on the safe side in the event someone did login to your account.