FIOS upgrade broke my home network

So here is my setup. I have a verizon router in the garage. In my bedroom I have an Actiontec mocha 2.0 adapter, which is hooked up to Google WiFi. I have another Actiontec mocha 2.0 adapter in my office connected to a router used as a WAP. This was all working beautifully before the last update from Verizon. Since that time, the internet keeps dropping from the WAP, and sometimes, it just never gets an internet signal over the mocha adapter.

I went and bought a new router to see if that was the cause, same problems. The Google WiFi works just fine, the router in my office used as a WAP won't get an internet signal from the verizon router via mocha.

I spoke with about 4 people at Verizon so far, and none of them could fix the issue. The last tech I spoke with over the phone mentioned that the mocha was updated with the latest guide update, and that may be causing issues. We did a factory reset of the router, which solved things for a bit, and everything was working, but now, 8 hours later, it stopped working again.

I am not going to spend more money buying Orbi home mesh, as suggested by a Verizon rep, in order to fix a problem that Verizon created. I am not sure what else to try, but maybe someone has a solution.

My next option will be to ditch the Verizon router, use my own, and just hook up another Actiontec from the ONT. I can't get a solution from anyone over the phone over at Verizon, so I thought I might try here.

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I would ask for assistance at a site I frequent under Verizon Fios forum.

there are people over there that maybe able to assist with your setup issues. 

some of the same posters here also post there. Give it a shot.