FIle a complaint against Verizon

On Saturday, my TV and internet went out. I spent 5 hours trying to get assistance from Verizon. Everyone I spoke either put be on hold (30 minutes) or transfered me (call dropped), or said they would have to call me back (and did not). Finally, around 10PM someone finally told me that my service had been disconnected. They said I had requested the disconnection because I was moving. I did not. I am not moving, I am halfway through a 2 year agreement, and I have had no contact with Verizon until this service interuption. 

After repeated explaining to the Customer Service representative that I did not make this change, it was unauthorized, she finally seemed to understand that yes, I want my service reinstated exactly as it was. Unfortunately, she explained, the previous service cancellation is final (no one sent us any kind of confirmation request prior to finalizing this) she would have to open a new account. We were on the phone for over an hour. I had to repeatedly confirm that the billing address and the service address was the same - because I am not moving and never disconnect the service. As she was setting up the new account she went through the usual upsell messaging, to which I said now is probably not a good time to try and upsell me. In the end, I did agree to go with a faster internet speed than I had before as she said the price would be basically the same. 

In all, this Customer Service rep did a good job calming me down. She said they would waive the installation and set up fees. She concluded that they would be able to get my service back on without a technician coming out. And she said she was working to keep my original home phone number. She said she was unable to complete all of these "special requests" at the moment - said her "system wouldn't allow it". She said that she woudl speak to the right people when she came into the office "tomorrow" (Sunday) and would call me at 1PM to give me a status. She understood the challenge it would be for me to explain this entire situation to someone else. This made sense and I appreciated her concern for getting this fixed. 

With the Customer Service reps assurance that she understoond this was an unauthorized change to me service and a major inconvenience, I completed the process to confirm the new service order. She said to ignore the set up fees and the technician appointment date (4 days away) because she woudl change those after the service was initiated.

She did NOT call me on Sunday. When I tried to call I was connected to a department that had a phone message saying they were closed and to call back Monday. Either I was connected to the wrong department (after 15 minutes on automated and with technical help dept) or the Customer Service department really is closed on Sundays and the rep I was speaking to knew she was not going to call me.  Now, I have an unacceptable service order with fees and a scheduled install date what I am scheduled to be elsewhere. Given that Verizon allowed someone to make an unauthorized change to my account, I am shocked at the lack of concern for fixing the problem. The lack of means of communication puts customers in a helpless, frunstrating, and time consuming situation. In addition to getting my service back on, I need to better understand how this happened so that I know if I am a victim of identity theft, a Verizon error, or some random prank by a stranger.  I am posting this full explanation here because Verizon doesn't give customers access to anyone knowledgable or empowered to fix things like this. 

Verizon, if anyone empowered to fix messes like this is reading this, please provide me a contact number or email so I may reach you. Or suggest what action I shoudl take. 

Re: FIle a complaint against Verizon

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.