Faulty MI424WR Rev I?

I haven't had the time to address this issue even though verizon had upgraded me to 50/50 from my original 25/25. My current set up is just internet at 50/50 with the router connected to the ONT directly via ethernet. No coax used. I went on speedtest.net and verizon.com/speedtest and checked the speeds. On the systems directly connected via ethernet cable to the router both systems get 25/60 (one built in 2015 and the other from the 2000's). Wirelessly my other systems get 25/40 or 50 depending on time of day (phones, tablet and connected computers and laptop).

I contacted verizon concerning their issue and they said my line was getting 75/75 on their end. The tech I was talking to said it was my modem. Do you guys think that is the case? I googled my router and it said it was rated for gigabit down.

Thanks in advance guys. And thanks verizon for extending my deal another year. Defeinitely saved me a headache looking for a better deal.

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Re: Faulty MI424WR Rev I?

Verizon does not use modems. Routers only.

you could call them and ask for a replacement router or even a newer router.

verizons proprietary network will always show higher speeds. And of course that is what they determine if speeds are not up to par.

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Re: Faulty MI424WR Rev I?
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Try a PC connected directly to ONT.

Make sure to do a DHCP release on rotuer before you move connection over.

Otherwise, it may take an hour or two before PC would get IP.

I have read some people reporting that they have driver issues on PCs that even though new, aren't getting the best speeds.