FiOS IPv6 support, world IPv6 day
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I am wondering if Verizon has any plans to support IPv6 on FiOS even as a public beta before World IPv6 day.

Verizon Business has been quoted in Network World as participating. So far, Comcast has made you all look really bad regarding IPv6 support. They've done public trials, while Verizon has done just a tiny little employees-only trial.

If this is such a new and advanced network compared to the cable companies, why should it be hard for you to enable FiOS for IPv6?

Wes George 

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This is a peer to peer forum, so you probably won't see an official response from Verizon regarding a high level implementation of IPv6, but you may want to put that in the idea exchange where it will get more visibility, your peers will be able to vote along side you, and you may get some attention from the people who can enact changes like that

Share Your Ideas with Verizon

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Heh, I'd love to see both FiOS and even the DSL network obtain native IPv6 connectivity for at least a day or two on IPv6 day. It'll give me something to play around with besides messing with tunnels.
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I like that idea so much that I had to post in Share Your Ideas with Verizon.

Please don't forgot to vote.