FiOS Installation Questions / Issues in an Older Apt. Building

So I just moved into an older apartment building and had the FiOS technician come out for the installation last Saturday.

He told me that since my building is a little older, he would need to run a fiber cable from a box outside into my apartment. This would require him to drill a few holes to get that cable through my hallway and into my apartment. Unfortunately, my landlord told me that he will not allow the technician to do this.

My question is this: Can the fiber cable be run through the existing cable system in the apartment? I know that if I wanted to get time warner, the apartment is already wired for that. I believe there is some sort of configuration already setup in the basement for the cable system (which the existing cable lines are connected to ) so i wasn't sure if it was possible for the technician to somehow run the new fiber line along the existing cable lines.

Has anyone ever been able to resolve an issue like this? I may be forced to opt for time warner and I am very sad/angry about that. I've been using fios for over 3 years at my previous place so I'm already spoiled by it and not ready to downgrade.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys

Re: FiOS Installation Questions / Issues in an Older Apt. Building
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Work with your landlord on this one to determine what can be done and what agreements are in place with Time Warner. It's ideal to have Fiber installed directly into your unit rather than to let Verizon set you up with a VDSL2 connection + Coax. In many cases, the coaxial lines in an apartment are all tied back to a central system, which is likely what Time Warner is using. Verizon can likely adapt to place the ONT near the location where the Cable lines terminate, but they still have to get the Fiber in place. They will not re-use conduit that Time Warner is using to get the Fiber in the building, and if the coaxial cabling is owned by Time Warner, they will not touch that either.

If your landlord can be on site during install day, have him or her work with the Verizon to try and determine the best way to run everything, or ideally in a way so that others can get FiOS easily without having to drill holes into the building in bad spots. Once they get the Fiber into your unit, the most they would need to do from that point is find a way to get power to everything, and to run or re-use coax.