FiOS is narrowing the amount of servers for Google-related services.
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It's absoutely disgusting. You cheap losers have been giving your "prestigious" customers with constant buffering to Youtube and low download speeds to anything that is Google-related. This includes but is not limited to: Google Play, Google Drive, Youtube, Google Talk, and Gmail. You wanna know why I called you cheap?? Read this article:  To summarize, Verizon has been having contentious relationships with other companies that are decreasing the amount of servers available to Verizon customers. Why do we get thrown into this? It's your problem, Verizon. You should be recieving the consequences, NOT US! Plus, this article was published in July 2013. It's November now and still I recieve constant buffering to Youtube. It takes me 5 minutes to download a 1MB app on Google Play. ONE FREAKING MEGABYTE. If this doesn't tell you how avaricious Verzion is, I don't know what does.