FiOS "available" but with no Ethernet port in unit?

Hey all, 

Recently I subscribed to FiOS and was told service was available in my apartment and specifically in my unit. Great! I opted to use my own equipment and when I got home, went to set it up. 

In the unit, I could not find any Ethernet ports - only phone, which are unused. I can go to the Tel/Com closet down the hallway and indeed see VZW's infrastructure, as well as a conduit with my unit number stubbed into the ceiling with a Cat5 in it. However, after investigation, I realized this cable was to the voice intercom system. 

So, currently I'm stuck with the "availibilty" of their service but seemingly without the infrastructure in my unit to connect myself to their equipment. 

What's generally SOP in this circumstance? I've got a technician coming out soon to take a look. I mean, I imagine they can throw another CatX in that conduit, take it to my apartment, terminate it at one of the several unused phone jacks, and badda-bing-badda-boom, Internet. 

Has anyone been in this situation before?

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In cases like this it is best doing what you are doing. Letting the installer come in and get you the service you want.

its just a wait now for you, hopefully it’s a real simple setup for you.

Best of Luck