File and Printer Sharing with Westell9100em

Have had FIOS for a week.  Everything works fine but...................I can no longer share printers between wireless connected laptop and primary pc. 

Prior to FIOS, I had an ATT Router with two XP desktops and one XP laptop, and one Vista laptop connected.  The laptops connected via wireless.  I have four printers connected to one of the XP desktops.  All the computers were able to share files, and share the printers.  The Verizon Tech replaced my Att with the Westell.  All computes access the internet with no problems.   However, at each computer, when you try to explore the network, the other computers just don't show up.  Neither do the printers connected to the desktop. 

I can access the router from each of the computers, but the router seems to be blocking access to the other devices on the network.  I have tried looking at the router options, but nothing seems to fit.  

I am wondering if this blocking is to prevent access to the set top boxes which are connected to the internet? 

Re: File and Printer Sharing with Westell9100em
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Something I might give a shot, if I were you, is run the printer software again for one of your printers.  Changing a router is technically replacing the heart of your network.  Depending on the printer and software you have, sometimes you need to run it so it can configure the printer(s) on your network.

See if that might help establish the communication again between your machines.  If it does, then hopefully it will work on the other printers connected to your PC as well.

Besides that, not quite sure why they wouldn't be shared unless something was changed on your pc itself to not allow sharing.