Finally, I have got a FiOS 300MBps, Own Router Installation

Before technician visit my home, I have prepared COAX line between Network Room and Utility Room (FiOS In). and, I have asked to enable MoCA on OTN instead CAT5/6 to bypass to my Network Room using MoCA Adapter. Because I do not want to cross the cable on the corner of floor. But, They refused, because they just can install Ethernet only. They explained as OTN MoCA connection can not support my needs.

So, I have requested TWO MoCA adapter at VZ, but, they said it can not use without Gateway. Actually, It is just a MoCA 2.0 Adapter with 4 port switch.

I have suggest to bypass using MoCA Adapter instead wire installation. Of cuase, I should pay an addtional for this adapter. but, they refused also.  and, They keep talk to me to use Gateway ..... -.-a

Finally, I just bougth two MoCA 2.0 bonded from Amazon, and Bypassed from OTN to My Network Room over Pre-installed COAX. The network speed is fully cover 300Mbps. I believe it can cover over 1Gbps.

I understand they can work under SOP only. But, I hope that they have some kind of flexibility for the customer. and give a right answer and/or suggest.

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It is true that ONT does not do 300 mbps. The ONT coax port is MoCA 1.1 and only supports 100 mbps. 

You do not need the Gateway(G1100). Any router with gigabit ports will support the 300 mbps from the ONT's ethernet port. 

You also don't need the Gateway to connect to the MoCA adapters. Wiring would be...

ONT>ethernet to your router's WAN>router's LAN to 1st MoCA adapter's ethernet port>coax from 1st adapter to 2nd adapter>then 2nd adapter's ethernet port to switch, PC, or wireless access point. 

And yes bonded MoCA 2.0 does support speeds up to 1 gbps.